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About Us

We are a group of guys who want to bring better quality coffee to the world. It all started when we were in Hawaii for a wedding. We had plenty of drinks but what really surprised us was the Kona coffee. Being used to a daily dose of overburned Starbucks, we were shocked. 

This was different on all accounts!

At first we thought someone forgot to burn it, but nothing could be further from the truth. What we were drinking was some of the finest, organic, Kona coffee you could find on the island. 

While enjoying the smooth and deeply complex flavor, we started wondering if this awesomeness would be available in the US. 

What we found was both surprising and sad.

Because it's extremely difficult to buy 100% Kona coffee anywhere besides the islands of Hawaii themselves. So we started thinking what we could do here. 

And that is when Kona Coffee Farms was born. 

You might be wondering about the Farms element in there. Well, selling great coffee through the internet is just the first step in our plan. Ultimately we want to start producing our own beans, and supply our customers from soil to cup. And then retire in Hawaii:))))

But first, let's get you some great Kona coffee beans